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Satisfied Doesn't Matter™ reaches milestone                                                                                       April 27, 2010

Designed solely at the behest of an increasing number of clients, The Ingersoll Group, Inc. (IGI) developed and began delivering the ground-breaking customer service content Satisfied Doesn't Matter™ in early 2008.  Today, IGI is proud to announce the delivery of the 50th seminar of that program, bringing the total number of professionals now utilizing the techniques taught in Satisfied to over 2,000 nationwide.

Tracy Palma, a consultant and Customer Service Specialist for IGI has recognized that the approach taken in Satisfied is captivating participants of all levels and industries; "To approach customer service as a form of conflict resolution, to truly focus on each individual interaction with a customer in that way, is forcing our clients to improve the way in which they not only interact with their customers - but how they proactively preparing for trouble=spot and point of failure in their producst and services."

IGI states that the Firm plans to build on their customer service content and begin to offer two (2) more advanced programs for their clients beginning in Q1 of 2011.


The Ingersoll Group reports 13th consecutive quarter of double-digit growth                             March 31, 2010

With revenue growth in excess of 35% for the opening quarter of 2010, The Ingersoll Group, Inc. (IGI), continues to drive results for clients, while at the same time adding to it's internal capabilities with innovative intellectual property and programs.

"We are thrilled more for our clients than we our ourselves, frankly", IGI President and CEO Ray Ingersoll stated.  "Given the impact of shared-risk programs like Checkmate™ and our recently designed Advanced Account Aquisition Process™, we are able to drive revenue for our clients while at the same tiem improving the skills of even their top performers.  That's a powerful combination that our clients are responding very well to."

Mr. Ingersoll went on to note that since the Firm's inception in 2006, IGI has yet to lose a client as a result of poor performance or lack of results.

"That's still the best barometer, and one that we will continue to use as our benchmark", he said.


The Ingersoll Group to attend 2010 MAX Awards                                                                           March 1, 2010

The Ingersoll Group, Inc. (IGI) were proud attendees to the 2010 MAX Awards for marketing excellence in the state of Georgia.  The Awards honor outstanding new products, services or innovative marketing techniques.  Past winners include BellSouth, United Parcel Service, Aflac, Equifax and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia.

IGI President and CEO Ray Ingersoll commented, "Of course to be in the company of such tremendous marketing organizations and thinkers was both humbling and motivating.  We continue to be struck at the changes in marketing techniques over recent years, and look forward to incorporating them into both our own best practices - and those of our clients as well." 


The Ingersoll Group, Inc. reports third consecutive year of revenue growth                          February  4, 2010

                                                                                                                                                                The Ingersoll Group, Inc., (IGI) a leading provider of sales consulting and training services, recorded triple-digit growth in both categories for the fiscal year 2009.  It is the third concecutive year of such outstanding results for the Alpharetta, GA-based firm. 

IGI Chief Operating Officer Catherine Diedrichsen points to the firm's Consulting Division as the shining star of 2009; "While our more traditional seminar business increased nearly 130%, our shared-risk Consulting Division is experiencing year-over-year growth closer to 400%."

IGI President and CEO Ray Ingersoll further noted that; "As we suspected with the shared-risk side of the Firm, our absolute dedication to our mantra that "our paycheck depends on yours", has allowed us to provide low-risk consulting assistance to a myriad of new clients that are wary of training companies that promise results - but have no skin in the game themselves."


The Ingersoll Group, Inc. announces targeted charities for 2010                                           December 30, 2009

                                                                                                                                                                    Catherine Diedrichsen, Chief Financial Officer for The Ingersoll Group, Inc. (IGI) announced the firm's 2010 targeted charities to be: 

The Wounded Warrior Project, The First Tee, The Prostate Cancer Foundation, Golfers Against Cancer, and the Georgia Firefighter's Burn Foundation.

Ms. Diedrichsen noted that each year IGI focuses on a handful of charities, even going so far as to mention them at seminars and other events.  "At The Ingersoll Group, we are proud to donate both the time of our employees and when possible, financial assistance, to organizations within the communities we work and live.  These are just a few examples."

Ms. Diedrichsen added that "IGI is currently looking into ways to assist our clients in contributing to these and other organizations, perhaps even with incentives such as discounts in our fees and free consulting services in exchenge for their donations to our targted charities." 


Ray Ingersoll delivers Customer Service keynote                                                                       October 28,2009                                                                                                                                          

President and CEO of The Ingersoll Group, Inc., Ray Ingersoll delivered the keynote address yesterday at the 2009 PAG Conference at the Ritz-Carlton in Lake Oconee, GA.  Mr. Ingersoll took the audience through the new service demands of an increasingly wary customer base - and how the new reality is that satisfied customers will no longer reamain with their current vendors unless they become loyal ones.  Later in the day, at a standing room only breakout session, Mr. Ingersoll provided the attendees with a snapshot of The Ingersoll Group's new customer service program, Satisfied Doesn't Matter™. 

For more information on this already popular program , visit our website at                                                                                                                                                   

The Ingersoll Group, Inc. and Sostice Transportation Group Partnership Extended                        May 12, 2009                                                                                                                                             

Just 16 months after the inception of their strategic partnership provding customer service training and support to universities as well as local and state governments - The Ingersoll Group, Inc. (IGI) and the Solstice Transportation Group, a cutting-edge provider of mission critical tools, strategic assistance and general consulting for the transportation industry, announced this morning the extension of their partnership indefinitely.

"As we suspected, our Solstice customers have reacted enthusiastically to IGI's customer service offering", stated Mitchel Skyer, President and Founder of the Solstice Transportation Group.  "We're thrilled that in such a short period of time we have seen so many of our customers take advantage of improving the service provided by their employees."

This specialized content, developed utilizing IGI's fast-growing Satisfied Doesn't Matter™ customer service program, will be marketed through Solstice under the content header TROPCS-IQ™ and include on-site customized training, as well as environmental surveys and post-training support - all delivered in conjunction with the consulting staff of The Ingersoll Group.

For more information on the Solstice Transportation Group, Inc. and the new TROPCS-IQ™ Program, you may visit their website at www.solsticetransportationgroupinc.comor contact them directly at (678) 474-9355.    


Ray Ingersoll named to Board of Directors
February 9, 2009
President and CEO of The Ingersoll Group, Inc., Ray Ingersoll has been named as president to the board of directors of the American Seniors Association. The American Seniors Association is dedicated to providing seniors with the choices, information and services they need to live healthier, wealthier lives. With a specific focus on their Four Pillars of Medicare Reform, Social Security Reform, Immigration Policy, and reforming our nations Tax Code, the ASA and its members are a rapidly growing voice for seniors throughout the nation.

Stuart Barton, President of the American Seniors Association stated, "Given Ray Ingersoll's reputation for community outreach, as well as his extensive background in both political and organizational consulting, we are thrilled with his acceptance of our offer to become president of our board of directors effective immediately, and are excited about what his arrival will bring to our over 100,000 members, and those members to come."

The Ingersoll Group, Inc. records record revenue growth
January 5, 2009
The Ingersoll Group, Inc., a leading provider of sales consulting and training services, recorded a 493% growth in revenue for the fiscal year 2008. Firm CFO, Catherine Diedrichsen, was of course pleased with the year's outcome; "Given the current economic climate, along with our expansion both in staff and infrastructure, this is a real triumph for IGI employees and our clients."

Firm President and CEO Ray Ingersoll further noted; "The real win here is for our consultants who clearly are showing consistent, measureable results for our clients or else we would not have garnered their trust and business during such tough times. These days in the performance improvement business, you had better be able to deliver on the promise of improved performance – clearly we are doing that."

Ray Ingersoll delivers keynote for CenturyTel
November 12, 2008
President and CEO of The Ingersoll Group, Inc., Ray Ingersoll delivered the keynote address yesterday to the leadership team of one of the largest telecommunications provider in the US, CentruyTel. The 7th largest local exchange telephone company in the United States, CenturyTel’s leaders were treated to one of Mr. Ingersoll’s more popular addresses; “Nobody cares what you think”. “Nobody cares” addresses the demand of customers for a sales and support organization that provides value and solutions based on diagnostic analysis, not just a suite of services rendered.

Divisional President of CenturyTel, George Longyear noted, "We were all blown away at just how impactful Ray was with our audience. This wasn't just the usual keynote address, he actually had us up and working through scenarios and exercises that showed us just how critical it is to look at things from our customer's perspective. It was great."

The Ingersoll Group, Inc. and Solstice Transportation Group announce strategic partnership
January 19, 2008
The Ingersoll Group, Inc, a leading provider of sales consulting and training services and the Solstice Transportation Group, a cutting-edge provider of mission critical tools, strategic assistance and general consulting for the transportation industry, announce their strategic partnership effective immediately.

After an exhaustive search, the Solstice Transportation Group has chosen IGI to provide their transportation customers with customer service training and development assistance.

"We have known for some time that we wanted to add focus on the most service-critical component of what our customers provide, the first and last 3 minutes drivers are interacting with passengers. After a nearly 12 month search for the right partner and content, we have found it in The Ingersoll Group", stated Michel Skyer, President and Founder of the Solstice Transportation Group.

Beginning within days, The Ingersoll Group will provide customized customer service training and support for select Solstice customers, a fact that pleases President and CEO Ray Ingersoll greatly. "Solstice is at the forefront of transportation consulting and analysis nationwide, and the fact that they would trust us with their most valued asset – their customers – may be the finest compliment our firm has received since our founding."

For more information on the Solstice Transportation Group, Inc. you may visit their website at